Class Information

Classes start on the first Tuesday or Thursday of every month.


Katara Martin, Certified NFHS coach. Familiar with NAYS, and AYF training for Cheerleading, Tumbling, and Stunting.

The attainment of this national certification demonstrates the completion of a series of courses offered by the NFHS that will enhance the ability of the coach to better serve the student, the school, the community and the profession of coaching.


Our location is 5445 S. 900 E. Murray, Utah 84117. We are located inside The Sports Mall.


Our program does not discriminate against race, religion, or physical/mental ability. We are part of AYC which requires our program to avoid holding tryouts. We are conducted on a first come first serve basis.

Yes. The waiver outlines information regarding our program such as: the level of risk involved in the sport, requirements of the parents/guardians, and gives info regarding the child athlete such as mental and physical health.

Our waiver is sent from Adobe EchoSign and will be an electronic signature. It is required before your child can participate within our program.

Our company is insured as well as our facility. We ask that you list your medical conditions, allergies, and insurance information including primary physician and policy info on our waiver. If you do not have insurance please fill out the waiver and put N/A.

Yes. All members of our cheerleading squad will be required to read and sign our Cheerleading Handbook.


We practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights.


Tuesday our class starts at 6:00. If you are doing 1 hour it ends at 7:00 pm.

If you signed up for 2 time a week classes you would come Tuesday at 6-7 and Thursday from 6-7 pm.

You can join us from 6-7 pm, or 7-8 pm. We leave our classes open to all ages.

We offer classes for 1 hour or 2 hours depending upon your registration.


For accurate measurements and to make things easy on the parents we don’t require them to select a size when purchasing our uniforms, or other merchandise. We like to make it easy as possible and leave it up to our coaches to do the sizing.

Our uniform includes 6 pieces. The shell (top), long sleeve body liner, skirt, briefs, pom poms, and hair bow or neckerchief.

The uniform total is $186.19, which includes taxes and shipping.

Shipping is typically 10% of the order total before tax.

The coach will custom measure your child when you place your order. All measurements are taken by the coach and sent to the supplier directly.

What to Wear

A sideline shoe is worn on the track or football field/basketball court during games. We are able to wear this shoe outside but it is not welcome on our practice mats.

A shoe will perform no better than it fits. A properly fitted shoe should lace snugly with an even spacing between the eyelets. Preferably an athletic show with adequate cushioning to help minimize injuries to feet, knees, and back.

It’s an essential safety factor for your child to wear snug fitting clothing. Remember to allow freedom of movement but loose fitting garments and pocketed apparel is not recommend because of their potential to catch or entangle a performer during stunting or pyramid stunts.

We prefer black shoes over white shoes.

No. Vans or Converse are considered canvas shoes and are not safe to practice in.

Yes. We encourage all of our cheerleaders to wear their uniform to events such as practice.

No. Jewelry, including hard hair accessories, such as large barrettes is prohibited in all practices and performance settings. These articles serve no useful purpose in cheerleading and present some significant hazards to the performing cheerleader.

No. Bobby pins or any metal hair items or clips are not acceptable and serve no real purpose in cheerleading.

No. Your nails need to be trimmed and considered “athletic length”. Safety issues arise when nails are worn during practices, games, stunting, or any cheerleading activity.

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